Innovation happens where business, design, and tech meet.

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From Switzerland, to the world

A radically new type of Innovation event

Innovation happens where business, design, and tech meet. Today, we are inviting the best innovation leaders to join us in Switzerland 🇨🇭, and if you are reading this, there’s a great chance that you are one of them.

Covid-19 brought an unprecedented disruption and more than ever we’ll need to be resilient, caring and creative. We believe that the future belongs to optimists. To tackle the big challenges of our time, we need to empower our teams, take more calculated risks, and build sustainable businesses.

Innovation Today (itoday) focuses on people; thinkers, best-selling authors, and creators that are having a direct impact on the world right now, and its future. In a series of virtual conferences and in-person masterclasses, our world-famous speakers will share real-life stories, case studies and behind-the-scenes perspectives from Silicon Valley, Switzerland and the rest of the world. They will also share their practical tools and methods that are inspiring thousands of innovation leaders and the world’s most innovative companies.

World-class speakers

August 20-21 2020

itoday Summit

We want to make this worldwide event extra special with original content and meaningful networking.  You can decide to either be part of the show and participate in the Zoom room alongside the speakers or watch the Livestream and exchange on our Slack community.

  • Zoom room with speakers
  • Q/A and Ask me anything
  • Interactive networking
  • Private Slack Community
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February 8-9 2021


In-person Masterclasses and networking, in Lausanne Switzerland, at the Swiss Tech Convention Center (EPFL). Our world-class speakers will lead you through their world-famous masterclasses, a full day of deep dives, hands-on experience, and personal backstories.

  • Masterclasses (all day)
  • Q/As
  • Book signing
  • Happy hour party
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So, why Lausanne? Ideally located in the center of Europe, Switzerland is ranking #1 on the Global Innovation Index. With its world-leading university EPFL and startup ecosystem, Lausanne is a hot-spot for innovation. Beautiful view, great food, hipsterish vibe, sun in summer… Lausanne has been recently ranked as the best small city in the world in Monocle’s inaugural Small Cities Index.

Why this event matters

World-class speakers, innovation thought leaders

On the campus of world famous EPFL university

Pratical tools and success stories

Switzerland #1 on the Global Innovation Index

Bestselling authors

Opportunities to connect with the swiss ecosystem

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The need and potential for innovation have never been greater and we believe that people are the real power of transformation. We’re on the lookout for pioneering companies and institutions that are ready to break silos, challenge the status quo, and drive change. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re probably just what we’re looking for.

Join innovators from all across Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world.

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