John Zeratsky

John Zeratsky is a co-founder and general partner at Character, bestselling author of Sprint and Make Time, and former design partner at GV.

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John Zeratsky Itoday the new $30M seed fund supporting startup founders with design sprints

For this new year, we wanted to start in style, with an exceptional guest: John Zeratsky, the legendary co-creator of the design sprint process. 

He is the bestselling author of Sprint and Make Time, with Jake Knapp, and former design partner at GV, (Google Ventures). Previously, John was a design leader for YouTube, Google Ads, and FeedBurner, which was acquired by Google in 2007. 

In December, John has officially announced his new venture: Character, a $30M seed fund, that supports technology startups with capital and design sprints.  

We’ll discuss with John about his personal journey, from designing websites to venture capital, how he chooses in which startups to invest, what makes a good tech team, the role that the design sprint will play in Character, and much more!

Participants who attend LIVE, will also be able to ask questions.

John Zeratsky

John is a former Design Partner at GV (Google Ventures), where he developed the Sprint method and supported many of GV’s most successful investments, including Slack, One Medical Group, Flatiron Health, Blue Bottle Coffee, Gusto, and Digit.

John studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin and graduated from the UW School of Human Ecology, where he’s now an advisor to the Dean and faculty. Originally from small-town Wisconsin, John has lived in Chicago and San Francisco with his wife Michelle. They spent 18 months traveling in Central America aboard their sailboat Pineapple before moving to Milwaukee in 2019.


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