Anett Numa

Digital Transformation Adviser for e-Estonia

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Efficiency, zero bureaucracy, transparency- the formula of successful e-governance in e-Estonia

“Digital transformation” is one of the favorite buzzwords of top leaders worldwide, but the Covid crisis revealed the weaknesses of most governments or administrations in terms of digitalization.
Outdated tools, complex processes, bad UX for the citizen or lack of accessibility. Covid has been the ultimate stress test.

But few countries in the world have achieved true e-government.

This is the case of Estonia 🇪🇪, a tiny European country, the size of Switzerland with one-fourth of its population. Estonia is known to be a world leader in technology and for having digitalized most of its government services. Electronic identity (eID), e-Health, e-Voting have all become a reality, with concrete benefits for its population.

Our next guest, Anett Numa, Digital Transformation Adviser for e-Estonia, will share with us how they’ve built the first “digital society” and give us a glimpse of how the future of our governments might look like.

Anett Numa

Having lived and studied in different countries, Anett has learned to appreciate living in a digital society. Anett believes that all processes and structures of public services should be accessible and simple for every single citizen.

Based on her academic background in political science, Anett focuses on enhancing good cooperation between the public and private sector to create a comprehensive and supportive environment. Her goal as a Digital Transformation Adviser at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre is to explain the Estonian digitalisation
experience and thus inspire leaders and decision-makers alike to create a better tomorrow.


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