Terms and conditions

Important: tickets are not refundable but are transferable.
Please read carefully section 3.5.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Itoday Masterclasses. We suggest you go through the following terms and conditions before you continue to purchase tickets:

By opting to purchase tickets for the Itoday Masterclasses, you automatically agree to our terms of use. If you have concerns with any of the following clauses or don’t agree with the clauses listed here, please don’t buy tickets.

Article 1. Definition

• Infomaniak refers to the service provider, Infomaniak Entertainment SA,
• Organiser refers to the person signing the Terms and Conditions of the box office product, or the account owner
• Buyer refers to a person or Buyer who places an order(s) for tickets on the Organiser’s website (integrated box office, URL, API),
• Period refers to the interval between the beginning and the end of an event or a season,
• Event refers to the date of any specific event within the period,
• The seating plan refers to one or more available areas comprising the venue for the event.

Article 2. Infomaniak’s obligations

Infomaniak Entertainment SA undertakes to provide an internet ticket service that is accessible and operational 24 hours a day.

2.1 Use of the box office by the “Buyer”

The process to order and purchase the tickets is completed online on the Organiser’s website.
The Buyer may view event dates, select tickets, subscriptions (“passes”) and pay online invoices by Eurocard/Mastercard or VISA (CH/Euros) or Postcard (CH) or book free tickets online, should the organiser issue tickets for 0.- CHF / Euros. The Organiser may select and activate another currency (e.g.. Euros).

Once payment has been accepted, the Buyer will receive his tickets by email and print them out himself/herself. These tickets are called “print@home. The Buyer may also receive a mobile version of the tickets by email. As regards subscriptions (“passes”), the Organiser may invite the Buyer to pick up the tickets or receive them in the post in PVC “card” format.

The ticket sales system referred to as the “shop” or “boutique” may be customised for integration into the Organiser’s site. Customisation such as creation and editing of ticket templates may be completed by the Organiser or Infomaniak on request for a fixed price subject to the General Terms and Conditions for pricing.

2.2 Operation of the “Organiser” interface

The Organiser manages a programme defining the periods, events and/or subscriptions.
The Organiser may choose from the numbered seating plans available or created by “Infomaniak” and set different prices for each numbered seating or free standing area.
Seating plans may be specific to the Organiser or shared with others based on the set up and template for the seat pricing plan chosen.

The Organiser has a “Box Office” to order tickets (if purchased by telephone or on the website, for example – cf Article 3). Tickets may be printed directly by the Buyer, or may be sent by email.

“Free” tickets and “gift tickets” may also be generated from this section, and will not be included in Infomaniak’s invoice to the Organiser.

The Organiser may generate (or customise where applicable) and send promotional codes at personalised rates based on various criteria, offering discounts to the beneficiaries on the ticket prices.

The Organiser may contact persons who have purchased tickets for upcoming events, either by SMS or by email, using the tools provided by Infomaniak in the administration interface (Mailing, Newsletter).

The organiser may also export all customer email addresses or use the mailing or newsletter feature to keep them informed of upcoming events and send last minute information.

Customer file(s) on each buyer will be registered in the Infomaniak box office system and shall remain the exclusive property of the Organiser. Under no circumstances may Infomaniak use that data or provide it to third parties.

Specific recipients may be selected based on various criteria:

• registered for the mailing list,
• registered in the system but no ticket(s) purchased,
• ticket purchased for a specific event,
Full statistics and reports are available in real time to the Organiser, for online ticket sales or for sales and gift tickets by the Organiser, or for the Organiser’s sales point.

2.3 Ticket

The appearance of the printed ticket on the Buyer’s printer (print@home) may be customised by the Organiser.
If the organiser does not wish to customise the tickets, a default format and Infomaniak’s standard Terms and Conditions will be used.
Should the Organiser decide to draw up their own terms and conditions, they should be sent by email and approved by Infomaniak prior to use.
Another customised interface offers the possibility to modify the appearance of certain tickets, for example, to hide the price of tickets gifted to staff or sponsors. Tickets may be customised using the Organiser’s administration interface.

3 other ticket formats will be available to the Organiser, which may be ordered from Infomaniak and customised on the ticket services:

Pre-printed paper (3 tickets per A4 sheet, pre-cut)
“Performance” thermal printed tickets with stubs
“Cinema” thermal printed tickets with stubs

3.3 Ticket check system

There are 3 possible ticket check systems available.

1. Infomaniak leases equipment to the Organiser to check and validate the tickets generated using the box office service
2. The Organiser uses their own equipment and downloads the iOS and Android E-tickets application
3. The Organiser prints the list of tickets and checks the ticket holders against the list

It is the responsibility of the Organiser to check the following points during the event:

• Ensure that they have staff trained on ticket checks who are present when doors open,
• Ensure that they have enough ticket checking machines and have charged the battery 12 hours before use,
• Ensure that they have a working WiFi connection at least 30 minutes before the start of the event and download the tickets sold to each ticket checking machine

Infomaniak has developed procedures to deal with last minute issues. A “back up mode” to check tickets without WiFi and without having downloaded the tickets sold to the ticket checking machines, and an “offline” mode.
Infomaniak may only be held responsible for problems with controlling access to an event if a problem with the software impacted the event control procedures.

Article 3. Ticket Purchase

3.1 Payments

All bookings made prior to the conference must be paid in full to guarantee registration. Once payment has been accepted, the Buyer will receive his tickets by email and print them out himself/herself. These tickets are called “print@home”. The Buyer may also receive a mobile version of the tickets by email.

All orders are subject to acceptance and availability.

When placing an order you confirm to us that all details you provide to us are true and accurate. The Buyer must provide a valid e-mail address in order to receive all the communication coming from the Organizer.

The Buyer is responsible to keep his/her address details updated and to be aware of all communication provided by the Organizer. All communication sent to the Buyer e-mail address will be considered as received by the Buyer the day after the delivery.

3.2. Order validation

You must be 18 years or above before you can make any purchase from the Website. You must ensure that the personal details which you are required to provide when you register on the Website or at any time are accurate, current, and complete in all respects. You must also inform the Organizer immediately of any changes to that information by updating your personal details at this address: info@itoday.com

The order made by the Buyer in accordance represents a contract between the Organizer and the Buyer. Once the order has been duly validated by the Buyer, it cannot be canceled by the Buyer. The order shall remain subject to acceptance or refusal by the Organizer.
The Organizer is free to accept or refuse any order without providing a reason. The Organizer will communicate the acceptance or refusal of the order by e-mail to the Buyer’s e-mail address (order confirmation).

3.3. Price

The price of the products will be as quoted on the Website. The Organizer can change the price of the products at any time.

All the prices are quoted in CHF (Swiss francs), Euros or USD. All prices indicated include VAT, if applicable. The costs will be confirmed at checkout.

3.4. Ticket transfer

All ticket sales are deemed as final transactions. There will be no ticket returns/cancellations.

Tickets are not refundable, but they are transferrable. Please consider offering/selling your ticket to a friend or colleague. Once you’ve received payment for the ticket, please email info@itoday.ch with the person’s name, email, job title, company, and languages are spoken and we will re-issue the ticket to the new party.

Kindly note that if you obtain your ticket(s) from any other unauthorized source, you take on the risks of those tickets turning out to be counterfeit or reported to be stolen. The organizer has the right to dishonor such stolen/counterfeit tickets and declare them as void.
If you are not able to access the event due to delays, federal regulations, weather-related problems, emergencies, or any other reason, you will not be eligible for any refunds or future credits. Infomaniak has taken out insurance with Allianz Insurance covering the Buyers (please read section 9).

3.5. Ticket checks

The Buyer has to assume full responsibility of the ticket(s), once (s)he receives it. Design Sprint Ltd. has no liabilities – financial, legal, or otherwise – in case the delivered tickets are stolen, lost, damaged, destroyed or rendered unusable in any other way. Design Sprint Ltd. has the right to investigate if there has been any violation of the ticketing terms and conditions. In case of any conflicts, the decision of the organizer will be deemed final.

3.6. Postponement of an Event

Should an event be postponed the tickets purchased are automatically valid for the new date (postponement date). The buyer of the ticket has no right to return or to exchange the ticket; a respective procedure is excluded by principle. Furthermore, the ticket sale can at any time be stopped without further explanation.

If the Itoday Masterclasses has to be rescheduled, you will not be eligible for any refunds. In case the event is fully canceled, the refund, if issued, will include ONLY the face value/printed value of the ticket(s). The Buyer cannot, under any circumstances, claim refunds on shipping fees, processing fees, traveling & accommodation fees, and such other charges.

Losses, if any, occurring due to foreign exchange fluctuations at the time of refunds, have to be borne by the purchaser. Organizer cannot be, in any way, held liable for that.

3.7. Event cancellation

If the Itoday 2020 Summit is canceled in its entirety due to any unforeseen circumstances, Design Sprint Ltd. has the sole and absolute right to  i) reschedule the event, or ii) issue a partial/full refund, or iii) not issue any refunds. Please note that the decision of the issuer in such cases will be deemed final and binding.

If the event is canceled due to any factors or causes not in the control of the issuer, the latter will offer a partial or full refund, or postpone the event, or provide a comparable ‘make good’ option. These factors will be inclusive of, but not limited to, natural disasters, federal/state announcements, strikes, pandemic, delays in production, and the like.

If the Itoday 2020 Virtual Summit has to be rescheduled, you will not be eligible for any refunds. In case the event is fully canceled, the refund, if issued, will include ONLY the face value/printed value of the ticket(s). The Buyer cannot, under any circumstances, claim refunds on shipping fees, processing fees, handling fees, and such other charges.

3.8. Miscellaneous

When purchasing ticket(s) for Itoday Masterclasses the Buyer automatically accept to comply with the code of conduct. The Buyer also agree not to share access with other users, and not to duplicate or to share copyrighted materials including videos, slides, handouts, and other materials without written permission from Design Sprint Ltd. and/ or speakers.

In all cases of disputes between the Buyer and the Organizer, the decision of the latter will be deemed final. When an agreement can not be settled, support should be requested from a neutral third-party arbiter.

Article 4. Business arrangement between Infomaniak and the Organiser

Infomaniak’s commission is only deducted from tickets paid through the Infomaniak credit card or Postcard system. The commission is defined once the ticket service goes live. The commission is 2.0% for credit cards and for other payment methods.

Infomaniak pays the entire sum paid by credit card and Postcard to the Organiser, minus the commissions on other payments.
The supplies provided to the Organiser will be invoiced in addition or deducted from the payments (PVC cards, ink stamps, badges, rentals, etc.). Revenue minus commissions and other costs will be paid monthly, at the beginning of each month on the amounts received the previous month.

The Organiser alone will manage tickets generated and paid for through their administration interface:
• tickets purchased / paid for from the “box office” (web or mobile)
• “free” tickets

On request and at any time, the Organiser may obtain advance payment of the amount due to them, up to the amount that Infomaniak owes to the Organiser minus the net commission and other costs. The amount of the early transfer will be deducted from the monthly transfer. The payment order will be made within 48 to 72 working hours by Infomaniak via e-banking. The request may be made via the box office service.

Under no circumstances will Infomaniak directly refund a ticket to a Buyer. The Organiser is responsible for settling any disputes with Buyers, or responding to specific requests that do not fall within the remit of Infomaniak.

If the ticket Buyer blocks the payment via their bank (credit card purchases can be contested within 3 months), and that sum is credited to the Buyer by the credit card company, Infomaniak will invoice all the contested amounts to the Organiser, communicating all the evidence with which the Buyers of ticket(s) can be identified and obtain all information on the use of the ticket(s). It is the responsibility of the Organiser to contact or seek payment from the ticket Buyer, to recover the sums paid.

Infomaniak offers full and real-time tracking of each transaction, the full details of each buyer, as well as the details and traceability of each ticket generated.

When an event is put on sale on the Organiser’s site, Infomaniak:
Will provide the Organiser with all the information concerning event-related sales (details of sales, invoices, etc.),
Is not responsible for the promotion or presales, and may not influence the results of the sales of the event (period, event(s)),
Does not guarantee a minimum volume of ticket sales,
May not be held liable, under any circumstances, for changes to the programme or cancellations.

Article 5. Subscriptions

(passes) may also be purchased on the Organiser’s website. The subscriptions may also be offered free of charge from the Organiser’s “box office” and printed in the PVC card format in accordance with applicable Infomaniak prices.

The Pass allows buyers to enjoy reductions on the price of tickets for fixed amounts.
When creating a subscription, if it has to be sent by post, the postal address must be obligatory during registration. Once off or subscription postal costs may be added in the boutique.

Infomaniak offers the Organiser a tool to manage and generate subscriptions. Rented equipment to print PVC cards is available in accordance with the prices in force.

Article 6. Staff and Accreditations

Infomaniak also provides the Organiser with a sector-based staff management service, included in the box office tool or activated by Infomaniak, for internal management of the event for volunteers, stands and partners, press passes and other VIP invitations. Registration is available online from the website via a registration form customised in advance by the Organiser, who then validates allocation of the sectors and profiles and prints out the personalised access cards (or badges) for the persons registered with the material made available and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions on pricing. At any time, affected users may contact staff members from the administration interface, either individually or by group(s) or sector(s) or subsector(s).

Article 7. Organiser’s obligations

The Organiser may use the box office product for their main line of business.
The Organiser undertakes to follow the procedure for setting up ticket checks.
Infomaniak allows the Organiser to publish videos on all events managed by them from the box office. Infomaniak is liable for data loss but under no circumstances for the publication or content of videos. The Organiser is responsible for ensuring the lawfulness and compliance of the rules and content broadcast for each of the events sold via the box office tool.

Article 8. Term and Termination

By default, the period of use of our product is unlimited.

Article 9. Cancellation insurance

Infomaniak has taken out an insurance with Allianz Insurance covering the Buyers. The Organiser is not responsible for the management of cancellations. Should the Buyer be unable to participate in the event, they may contact the Allianz Insurance customer service to obtain full or partial refund of their tickets in accordance with the terms and conditions they accepted during the order.
Phone: 044 283 32 22
E-Mail: info@allianz.com

Article 10. Force majeure

In cases of force majeure, as ordinarily accepted in case-law, the party who is unable to perform their obligations in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions is required to inform the other party by registered letter, as soon as the case comes to their attention.
This will not affect the other party’s acceptance or opposition to the claims of force majeure. In a case of force majeure, the Organiser may terminate the present Terms and Conditions at any time.

General Terms and Conditions and their execution
 Infomaniak’s support will be limited to the undertakings given in these.

General Terms and Conditions of use and their maintenance.
 Regarding statistics, the figures published by Infomaniak shall apply without exception. They will be available for consultation at any time on a secure website, provided by Infomaniak.

The Organiser assumes full responsibility for damages which may have been caused through their fault in the secure administration interface made available to him.

Infomaniak undertakes to provide the best possible service, but may not be held liable for technical issues beyond its control. Under no circumstances may the Organiser claim damages or compensation due to technical issues of any nature whatsoever. 
Infomaniak reserves the right to refuse/terminate this contract if it is used to disseminate pages or information deemed to be contrary to morals or what it considers to be good conduct, without providing any justification. Furthermore, if the pages or information disseminated through the line in question contain information, speech or any other element in breach of current or future law, the Organiser will be solely responsible for it before the courts.

By signing the present document, the Organiser undertakes to refund infomaniak any expenses or other costs, without exclusion, if through a breach of the services provided to the Organiser via Infomaniak, the latter is found liable for the illegal acts of the Organiser.

Any decisions or event concerning the commercial cooperation between Infomaniak and the Organiser occurring after the signature of the present contract must be communicated and approved by both parties and annexed to this agreement.

Neither of the parties referred to may act on behalf of the other, throughout the period of cooperation, each retaining a right to review content before publication on all media with “Infomaniak Entertainment SA” and “Organiser” as well as their respective logos, on both editorial content and compliance with their respective branding.

Both parties undertake to comply with required deadlines to ensure proper management of publications and event organisation.

In the event of non-compliance with requirements or the General Terms and Conditions and performance requirements as set out in this agreement and annexe(s), one party is required to notify the party in breach by formal notice, with the obligation to remedy the breach within one month. If, by the time the period of one month the party at fault has not remedied the breach found, the other party may rescind the contract with a one-month notice period.

Please note that Design Sprint Ltd. reserves the right to make changes, revisions, and amendments, or add/remove sections from this set of terms and conditions – without any prior notifications to you. These changes will relate back to the date of purchase of the tickets.

The applicable law is Swiss public law. Any dispute related to the present contract, its conclusion, performance or termination is governed by Swiss law, and shall be submitted to the courts of Geneva, subject to appeal to the Federal Court of Lausanne.