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Anne Donnard

Executive Creative Director at Emerson Blue

Nadeem Khalawi


Tony Medrano

Executive Creative Director at Six Foot

Olivier Chappuis

Innovation Lab Manager at Maxon

Sabine Dufaux

Product Designer & Business Developer at Romande Energie

Emilie Boillat

Business Developer at Liip AG

David Narr

Director at GENILEM

Diana Liu

Founder | Instigator | Fun Maker - The SIX

Axel Pasqualini

Director at Apptitude SA

Alain Priser

Lead Product Designer and Manager at

Kristina Pankov

Learning manager - Consultant Freelance

Fran Navarro

Product Designer at Accedo

Michaël Ambass

Associé & Digital Project Manager at troisdeuxun sàrl

Vladimir Koncar

Director of Design -

Kai Haley

Head of UX Methods and Process at Google

Thomas Link

Creative Director - Namics

Jean-Marie Buchilly

Innovation Cell Manager at Fischer Connectors

Damien Fournier

Founder- Director at deus ex digital

Julien Suard

Lead Product Designer UX / UI at Design Sprint Ltd- itoday Conference Organizer

Matthieu Chamorel

Founder at DYN SA I Fiduciaire

Clemence de Robert

UX Designer

Andre Alfonso

Agile Coach - Knowledge Expert SA

Cheri Ruane

Practice Leader for Landscape Architecture - Weston & Sampson Design Studio

Marie Girard

Product Manager at IBM

Mateo Fernandez

Sr. product Manager at Rootstrap INC

Marcella Tabeling

Innovation Champion

Rémi Rivas

Consulting Designer at Rivas Consulting

Daniela Busse (Ph.D.)

Head of Research at eBay

Prescott Paulin

Managing Director - Iquro Development Group, LLC

Paul Van Der Linden

Founder and Owner at PaulvanderLinden-Consulting

Jakub (Jacob) Korczak

Co-founder at JQK-on

Lisa Weinsberger

Remote Design Sprint & Innovation Facilitator at Designtribe

Thiago Tonus

Head of Product Design - Logic Design

Yves Zieba

Director - AgileNetup

Marc Gruber

Vice President for Innovation at EPFL

Chris Hodges

Design Lead at Siemens

Ramatoulaye A. Diallo

CEO of Orange Money in Sénégal, Director Sonatel cluster

Sandy Lam

Design System Lead at SoftwareAG

Dardan Iljazi

Full Stack Developer

Alex Osterwalder

Co-founder Strategyzer

François de Caro

Founder & UX Designer at D-Sprint

Jackie Colburn

Product Leader. Facilitator. Design Sprinter. Experimenter. Educator. - Independent Consultant

Jen Jeng

Founder and business strategist at Spica Strategy

Srini Srinivasan

President - World Design Organization WDO

Julien Guex

Managing director at FIT Fondation pour l'innovation technologique

Fides Fierz

Owner at Capsica23

Katie Swindler

User Experience Strategist - Allstate

Orlane Perey

Designer & Art Director at Serendipity Agency

Claude-Alain Glauser

Solution Unit Manager at Trivadis