Jackie Colburn

Jackie is an expert workshop facilitator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
She launched her strategy and facilitation practice in 2017. As a passionate facilitator and leader, she believes that the way we design our workshops and meetings has the power to improve the work we do as well as the experience we have working together.

How to win at workshops whether you’re remote, in person, or hybrid

Meeting in person is excellent for building camaraderie and team culture. It creates space for authentic moments and sidebar conversations, and it builds rapport.

But Covid 19 forced us to upgrade our gears and run full online workshop. And to everyone’s surprise it actually worked!

Now it’s time to look back and discuss what’s best: in person, online, or even hybrid workshops? This talk will also be an opportunity to learn from your experiences.

Jackie Colburn

Jackie has been leading the creation of new products, services, and businesses for over 15 years; everything from emerging startups to critical strategic efforts for fortune 50 businesses. With a dedication to clarity, Jackie thrives when the problem is hard and the team is ready to make a change but doesn’t quite know what to do, or how. Jackie’s workshops create the conditions to co-create future solutions. She’s worked with teams at organizations such as Medtronic, Roche, Ameriprise Financial, Purdue University, and Best Buy.

Jackie has proven that openness and optimism accelerate our collective potential to make great things happen and unlocks team potential to make the impossible possible. She is also a speaker, coach and the co-author of the Remote Design Sprint Guide.