Jonas Vonlanthen

Partner - Liip Digital Progress

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Agile and Holacracy in practice

Partner at Liip Digital Progress | Expert in agile management and self-organisation (CH)

Jonas Vonlanthen is a pioneer in agile management and self-organisation in Switzerland. As Partner at Liip, he lead the implementation of Liip in Lausanne in 2011 and the development of the digital agency in the french-speaking part of Switzerland. Since 2015, he focuses on the organisation’s evolution from a hierarchical to a self-managed governance system.

Gathering more than 170 collaborators, Liip is a key player of the digital environment in Switzerland. Its non-conventional structure is one of the key success factors which allowed the company to develop at an accelerated pace for the past years.

Jonas will present how a decentralised, non-hierarchical and self-organised structure fosters Liip’s success. He will also address the pitfalls and opportunities of this journey.