Mateo Fernandez

Position: Sr. product Manager at Rootstrap INC

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Eberhard Schächterle

Innovation Advisor at Eberhard Schächterle Innovationsberatung

Hugo De Sousa

Managing Partner at UNSETTLED.TECH

Clio Rossier

Freelance - I use my creative mindset, my empathy and my future thinking skills to help you innovate

Tony Medrano

Executive Creative Director at Six Foot

Rémi Rivas

Consulting Designer at Rivas Consulting

Marco D’Amico

Strategic Innovation Advisor at oobrain S.r.l. SB

Prescott Paulin

Managing Director - Iquro Development Group, LLC

Steph Cruchon

CEO Design Sprint Ltd - itoday Conference Organizer

Christophe Gras

Founder & CEO at

Marc Gruber

Vice President for Innovation at EPFL

Jaime Endick

Strategist/ Freelance

Orlane Perey

Designer & Art Director at Serendipity Agency

Srini Srinivasan

President - World Design Organization WDO

Olivier Chappuis

Innovation Lab Manager at Maxon

Michael Vuilleumier

Designer - User Experience & Interface - Apptitude SA

Eglé Cruchon

itoday Conference Organizer / Office & Event Manager at Design Sprint Ltd

Anja Borchhardt

Head of Experience Management at Helsana

Lisa Mo Wagner

Sr. Product Manager at Finiata

Amritha Narayanan

Product Manager at Pix4D

Surya Vanka

Founder & Chief Designer at Authentic Design

Paul Van Der Linden

Founder and Owner at PaulvanderLinden-Consulting

Loïc Volery

Looking for opportunities/ Bachelor of Business Administration (FR/DE), Focus Digital Business

Alex Osterwalder

Co-founder Strategyzer

Axel Pasqualini

Director at Apptitude SA

Thiago Tonus

Head of Product Design - Logic Design

Jen Jeng

Founder and business strategist at Spica Strategy

Betina García Nogués

Founder & UX Lead

Anne Donnard

Executive Creative Director at Emerson Blue

Emmanuelle Germond

Geek Human translator at CH-Open / PPVD / intergen

Mateo Fernandez

Sr. product Manager at Rootstrap INC

Julien Suard

Lead Product Designer UX / UI at Design Sprint Ltd- itoday Conference Organizer

Gael Nini

Head of Project Managemet Office at Electro Medical Systems

François de Caro

Founder & UX Designer at D-Sprint

Julien Guex

Managing director at FIT Fondation pour l'innovation technologique

Damien Fournier

Founder- Director at deus ex digital

Shirah Foy

Postdoctoral Researcher - Entrepreneurship & Tech Commercialization at EPFL

John Elbing

Coach/Consultant/Storyteller at Standpoint

Sabine Dufaux

Product Designer & Business Developer at Romande Energie

Mariella Pastori

Innovation Consultant at MPConsulting

Jean-Philippe van den Hove

Founder at Alphabeta

Jean-Marie Buchilly

Innovation Cell Manager at Fischer Connectors

Lisa Weinsberger

Remote Design Sprint & Innovation Facilitator at Designtribe

Andre Alfonso

Agile Coach - Knowledge Expert SA

Fabrice Atallah

Head of Innovation and Change Management at Hilti

Vladimir Koncar

Director of Design -

Michaël Ambass

Associé & Digital Project Manager at troisdeuxun sàrl

Yves Pigneur

Professor Emeritus UNIL

Kevin Richard

Senior Designer, UX Strategist

Patrycja Rozmus

Design System Lead - Brainly
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