Sylvie Gelinas

Position: CEO at Noos Technologie inc.

Looking for : Great thinking, fun and novelty. What should we know… : To be discovered !

#itoday a worldwide community of Innovators

Jakub (Jacob) Korczak

Co-founder at JQK-on

Andre Alfonso

Agile Coach - Knowledge Expert SA

Arnaud Begle

Group CEO at Peter Lang

Fabrice Atallah

Head of Innovation and Change Management at Hilti

Anne Donnard

Executive Creative Director at Emerson Blue

Shaun Miller

Head of Strategy at House

Yves Pigneur

Professor Emeritus UNIL

Sabrina Goerlich

Founder | Strategic Designer at Designsprintstudio

Simone Smyth

Design Strategist at Atomic

Alain Priser

Lead Product Designer and Manager at

Eberhard Schächterle

Innovation Advisor at Eberhard Schächterle Innovationsberatung

Lisa Weinsberger

Remote Design Sprint & Innovation Facilitator at Designtribe

Mateo Fernandez

Sr. product Manager at Rootstrap INC

Betina García Nogués

Founder & UX Lead

Marco D’Amico

Strategic Innovation Advisor at oobrain S.r.l. SB

Vladimir Koncar

Director of Design -

Shirah Foy

Postdoctoral Researcher - Entrepreneurship & Tech Commercialization at EPFL

Katie Swindler

User Experience Strategist - Allstate

Thomas Link

Creative Director - Namics

Jennifer Löffler

Innovation Facilitator at itConcept srl

Fides Fierz

Owner at Capsica23

Yukio Ando

Design Sprint Master at Exa Corporation

Axel Pasqualini

Director at Apptitude SA

Cheri Ruane

Practice Leader for Landscape Architecture - Weston & Sampson Design Studio

Jean-Sébastien Daigle

Facilitator & Designer at JSdaigle

Clio Rossier

Freelance - I use my creative mindset, my empathy and my future thinking skills to help you innovate

Chris Hodges

Design Lead at Siemens

John Elbing

Coach/Consultant/Storyteller at Standpoint

Prescott Paulin

Managing Director - Iquro Development Group, LLC

Yves Zieba

Director - AgileNetup

Daphna Glaubert

Design manager program at EPFL

Clemence de Robert

UX Designer

Kristina Pankov

Learning manager - Consultant Freelance

Patrycja Rozmus

Design System Lead - Brainly

Gael Nini

Head of Project Managemet Office at Electro Medical Systems

Roy Franke

Innovation facilitator at 2get-there GmbH

Alexis Moeckli

Founder at WENOVE.CH

Julien Suard

Lead Product Designer UX / UI at Design Sprint Ltd- itoday Conference Organizer

Emilie Boillat

Business Developer at Liip AG

Jake Knapp

Creator of the Design Sprint process at Google

Bruce Hecht


Américo Alves


Steph Cruchon

CEO Design Sprint Ltd - itoday Conference Organizer

Sandy Lam

Design System Lead at SoftwareAG

Thiago Tonus

Head of Product Design - Logic Design

Jen Jeng

Founder and business strategist at Spica Strategy

Mathieu Menet

Innovation Manager at La Ruche tl
Thinkspace Rue Etraz 4, 1003 Lausanne – CH
UID: CHE‑438.513.066

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