Hélène Valat

Position: Digital project manager at Wide

I am passionate about efficiency and I hate walking with stones in my shoes…if the process is painful, change it! I want to learn more and exchange on using design sprint to accelerate the process of designing a new concept as well as aligning teams on high stakes.

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Alexis Moeckli

Founder at WENOVE.CH

Caroline Widmer

Directrice at Pulse Incubateur HES

Yves Jobin

Director - Effiquency SA

Kevin Richard

Senior Designer, UX Strategist

Yves Zieba

Director - AgileNetup

Danella Alfaro

Marketing & Communications Manager - Knowledge Expert

Sabine Dufaux

Product Designer & Business Developer at Romande Energie

Fatemeh Ghadamieh

CEO at Limoo

Daniela Busse (Ph.D.)

Head of Research at eBay

Loïc Volery

Looking for opportunities/ Bachelor of Business Administration (FR/DE), Focus Digital Business

Marie Girard

Product Manager at IBM

Jen Jeng

Founder and business strategist at Spica Strategy

Emilie Boillat

Business Developer at Liip AG

Roy Franke

Innovation facilitator at 2get-there GmbH

Mateo Fernandez

Sr. product Manager at Rootstrap INC

Eberhard Schächterle

Innovation Advisor at Eberhard Schächterle Innovationsberatung

Jean-Marie Buchilly

Innovation Cell Manager at Fischer Connectors

Fabrice Atallah

Head of Innovation and Change Management at Hilti

Laïla von Alvensleben

Head of Culture and Collaboration at MURAL

Mathilde Verdier

Social Innovation Strategist / UX/UI Designer in Training

Jean-Sébastien Daigle

Facilitator & Designer at JSdaigle

Kristina Pankov

Learning manager - Consultant Freelance

Axel Pasqualini

Director at Apptitude SA

Alban Vogel

Product Designer - Cleverdist SA

Claude-Alain Glauser

Solution Unit Manager at Trivadis

Hugo De Sousa

Managing Partner at UNSETTLED.TECH

Hélène Valat

Digital project manager at Wide

Jake Knapp

Creator of the Design Sprint process at Google

Ed Orozco

Head of Strategy - WANDR

Mathieu Menet

Innovation Manager at La Ruche tl

Sylvie Gelinas

CEO at Noos Technologie inc.

Lisa Weinsberger

Remote Design Sprint & Innovation Facilitator at Designtribe

Cheri Ruane

Practice Leader for Landscape Architecture - Weston & Sampson Design Studio

Américo Alves


Yves Pigneur

Professor Emeritus UNIL

Betina García Nogués

Founder & UX Lead

Fran Navarro

Product Designer at Accedo

Jameel Somji

Founder & CEO - SpiNovation Labs

Cristina Famano

Co-founder at ADA Strategy

Orlane Perey

Designer & Art Director at Serendipity Agency

Alain Priser

Lead Product Designer and Manager at Labster.io

Prescott Paulin

Managing Director - Iquro Development Group, LLC

Simone Smyth

Design Strategist at Atomic

Marc Gruber

Vice President for Innovation at EPFL

Michaël Ambass

Associé & Digital Project Manager at troisdeuxun sàrl

Anne Donnard

Executive Creative Director at Emerson Blue

Jennifer Löffler

Innovation Facilitator at itConcept srl

Gael Nini

Head of Project Managemet Office at Electro Medical Systems

Sabrina Goerlich

Founder | Strategic Designer at Designsprintstudio

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